In a time when businesses are struggling to survive the impacts of COVID-19, the idea of buying a food truck might seem a little…unconventional. And it is! However, being unconventional is part of the foundation of what makes food trucks so successful to begin with.

They’re the outlaws of the food business, the mavericks who take the idea of meeting their customers’ needs very literally. So, what makes the pandemic the ideal time to get a food truck of your own?

Follow the Demand

Unlike traditional restaurants, food trucks can go where the customers are. While the traditional customer base may be on hiatus, as office workers are largely staying home and finding their lunches in their fridges or ordering in, the mobile nature of a food truck means it’s a simple thing to move your business to where the demand is.

Some successful owners have taken to striking deals with essential businesses and setting up shop on their campuses. Some have become more innovative and versatile, filling in the gaps left by closed up roadside restaurants for truckers or shifting focus to food delivery services.

One thing is for sure: The demand for food never disappears, it just changes locations. Luckily, food truck owners can do the same.

Bringing People Together at a Distance

Unlike traditional restaurants, food trucks are adaptable by nature to social distancing protocols. Pop-up events in empty lots or, honestly, wherever, can pull a crowd while encouraging safety. And believe us when we say that people are hungry for a chance to get out of the house and eat together. If you pop it up, they will come.

Build a Truly Mobile Network

With so many traditional eateries out of commission, this is the perfect time to build relationships with suppliers and brands looking to get their products to customers. More companies than ever are looking for new outlets for their sodas, meats, breads, etc. A food truck owner is in a prime position to get those food products to hungry mouths all over the area.

Networking happens on the other end too, as food truck owners build relationships with customers that lead to new opportunities and deals with employers and local events.

Easy Entry

Lastly, it’s easier than ever to get into the business. There are plenty of economic advantages to owning a food truck over owning a restaurant. Benefits like not having to pay building rent, fewer employees and a lower payroll, and less furnishing and decoration expenses all lead to a lower overhead in general.

And while many larger cities have strict regulations for food truck operation, times of crisis usually lead to many of those regulations being tossed out the window as metropolitan areas struggle to keep their citizens fed and happy.

The Time is Now

Many people are finding themselves at a professional crossroads right now. Whether recently unemployed or struggling to adapt to a work from home lifestyle or just finding themselves with a lot of extra time to think about our future, this is the time to change things up.

Owning a food truck is a calling, a beckoning to those with maverick souls and a yearning to be our own bosses. The road has never been more open, and the opportunities have never been greater.

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